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You may be aware of a proposal by H3G to erect a Mobile Phone Mast and support Cabinets on the footpath opposite Murphy Browns/Electric Shop on the Cavehill Road. It will be 50 ft high, and, to begin with, will have three antennae, and two support “cabins”.

How Can You Help..??
1) Sign the standard “Objection Letter” to the Planning Department…Ensure you place your name and address at the top right corner. (or write your own letter) Make sure it reaches Planning ASAP, by post, the Cave Newsagency, or e-mail.
2) Sign the Petition to The Speaker of The Assembly….This will be available from your local CRAG representative and in all local shops…MLA Alban Maginess has already arranged for this to be presented to the Assembly week commencing 27th May.
3) Telephone the Planning Department…The Case Officer is Damien Broderick, Tel No;90252800/90252818…inform him or his colleagues…politely please… of your concern. Key emphasis is the loss of “visual amenity”
4) Write to the Press/Contact local media, and express your concerns about this proposal…
5) Lobby your local politicians…


TIME IS SHORT…We are already very late beginning our campaign…

Planning Objections must be delivered before Friday 31st May… Petitions before 28th May. Please Act Now…!!

YOUR ACTION DOES COUNT…! In recent months, following local campaigns, Masts have been refused/withdrawn at the Castle Gatelodge, Cavehill Bowling/Tennis Club, the Lansdowne Hotel, F’william Golf Club… The next site might be outside/near your home.

Mike Mc Cann, Chairman, CRAG visit our website at;