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Radiation Hazard

Radiation Hazard

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Mobile Masts again.... (updated 12/03/2002)

There seems to be an never-ending series of applications for mobile masts occuring in the area. The latest is at Strathmore Park. The Fortwillaim Action Committee are tackling this issue and are keen for residents to exert as much pressure as possible on the planning authorities to get this application rejected. CRAG are very grateful for the help and assistance provided by FAC members with the recent Bowling Club mast problem.

Those of you wishing to object may like to use the following letter provided by FAC.

Mr Damien Broderick
Case Officer
Belfast Planning Office
Bedford House
16-22 Bedford Street
Belfast BT2 7FD

Ref: Z/2002/0313/PA - 10 metre monopole & equipment cabinets opposite
669 Antrim Road

Dear Mr Broderick

I wish to object to the siting and appearance of the above proposal and its subsequent adverse impact on a high quality visual amenity for the following reasons:

Loss of an attractive open aspect within this, a high quality visual amenity for the Upper Antrim Road and for the wider tourism/leisure/historical contexts.

Insensitive and incompatible intrusion into the setting of an important Listed Building - the Gatelodge at 554 Antrim Road, former main entrance to Belfast Castle on the slopes of the Cavehill (Belfast Hills) and designed by noted architect John Lanyon. The Gatelodge is one element in the Belfast Castle Group and a showpiece of which the City is very proud.

Unsightly and inappropriate impact on a planned landscape view - a planned view that integrates the built heritage/setting and the historic landscape. (This vista is best viewed from the boundary of the Conservation Area - i.e. Lansdowne Road/Antrim Road junction at Lansdowne Hotel corner). The Gatelodge setting is the only such viewing point left on the Antrim Road and any intrusion will degrade the interest of the Listed Building.

A duty to preserve this distinctive built heritage/setting and its environs for the benefit of present and future generations - only 2% of buildings in Northern Ireland are Listed Buildings. This proposal is out of character and disrupts the visual harmony both from outside and within the setting itself - it negates the regard given to the positioning of unsightly (but necessary) lampposts and also the strong visual backdrop of trees/grass to minimize the impact of housing behind the setting.

Unjustified and unnecessary visual and environmental impact/intrusion on a sensitive location with no scope for screening/camouflage. PPS10 Telecommunications states locations of built/natural heritage should be avoided and that 'careful siting' must become the norm for such development (7.14 and 8.1).

Fear and worry caused to those living close to the proposed phone mast due to 'perceived' health risks - this fear is a material planning matter.

This setting is a major visual asset - and an inappropriate context for this proposal. I urge you to deem this intrusion as unacceptable and allow the local community to participate in 2002 Celebrating 30 Years of Listed Buildings in NI (Environment & Heritage Service).

Yours sincerely

your name