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Dear Resident,

The Cavehill Residents Action Group (CRAG) was formed
following a public meeting on 27th March attended by
over 100 concerned residents…The aim of CRAG is to
prevent decline in the quality of our area by opposing
unwanted developments and encouraging improvements in
all aspects of our local environment.   A Committee
was formed to implement our aims. It has met regularly
over the past two months and has worked hard on
behalf of the area.

          CRAG     Committee



Bookies; 132/134 Cavehill Road.  

An application had been opposed by residents and their elected representatives on the Belfast City Council, yet the Planning Office, Bedford House granted this bookies planning permission.

But a representative of CRAG appeared in court to oppose the granting of a licence to said bookies; the judge agreed with CRAG and refused the licence!……..


Late news

  We’re not out of the woods yet, this   Bookie, A. McLean, is appealing    judges decision in   September!

  Bookies; 168A Cavehill Road.    

CRAG deputation attended a planning meeting of the Belfast City Council City to oppose a second Bookies’ application.  
The Committee agreed with us, and recommended to the planning officers of the D.O.E. that this application be rejected.

A small victory for CRAG, but a victory nevertheless.

   More late news

This Bookie, S.P.Graham, has withdrawn his application.

Planners;  CRAG deputation met with Bill Morrison, Belfast Divisional Planning Manager in his office
in Bedford House. We outlined our concerns with regard to: Hot Food Bars, Bookies, Derelict sites etc,
and  the general lack of accountability of the Planning Office.  

Mr Morrison has agreed to visit our area in the very near future and take a look for himself at
this very lovely part of Belfast which has the countryside-Cave Hill on it’s doorstep.

Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan (BMAP);   When published in 2003, this major plan will outline the future
of Belfast for the foreseeable future. Positive   input on behalf of our area is vital.  
Lisa Copeland of Community Technical Aid
addressed our group, and a CRAG deputation
met with Pat Quinn, Manager ofthe BMAP team .  He is now in receipt of the first part of our
submission to preserve and enhance our area. The second part will be completed soon

Hot Food Bar at Jill House;
(bottom of Chichester Avenue, on the Antrim Road) CRAG has been distributing packs encouraging
residents to successfully oppose this change of use.   However, the development has now been referred to
the critical Planning Appeals Commission (PAC)   CRAG will be representing a number of residents at
the (PAC) hearing on 8th August to continue opposition to the granting of planning permission.

Hot Food Bars Cavehill Road;
We are pressing City Council to implement the regulations in regard
these premises’ opening hours and litter responsibilities.

Lobbying ;
has been writing and meeting with key players in planning and public life to
promote the case for improvements in our area.   We have had positive responses from;

Sam Foster, Minister of the Environment, H.S. McKay, Chief Executive of Planning Service,
Bill Morrison, Divisional planning Manager, All N.Belfast   MLAs and councillors

North Belfast Partnership;  
Is about to elect 12 members to the North Belfast Community Support Group  of which
is registered and consequently   have a vote

CRAG also applying   for membership Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Aid(NICVA)

Funding ;like any such group, CRAG requires basic funding to carry out its activities.  
We have applied to a number of bodies for funding and we intend to appeal to all the
residents for a modest  subscription.

The Future ; 

Our last meeting before the summer was on 29th May.

Aside from making representation to PAC on 8th August with regard to Hot Food Bar at Jill House,
we’ll not be meeting as a group until September.   In the meantime all committee members
have a discussion paper , designed by a committee member, which will assist us in identifying major
problems and key issues upon which we will focus future action.

Volunteers; Your committee needs and welcomes volunteers to continue the work in the Autumn. 
Contact any Committee member, or visit our web site at  
   or E mail us at