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Crag News Update

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Cavehill Nursing Home Site
There have been significant changes in the past few days. Firstly, we received copies of the architects
plans for the 25 self-contained flats for elderly people a three floor development.
We then learned that the sale of the properties to the Wesley Housing Association
has fallen through, when one property was unexpectedly withdrawn from the market earlier this week.
This has been confirmed to us by BIH Housing Association and also in our correspondence with Wesley Housing Association, who are now pursuing other options.

The Estate Agent Mc Combe Pierce informs us that the property is being taken off the market, their sign is being removed, and the owner is developing the site himself.

A spokesperson for the owner of the Nursing Home site would only state that there are plans to develop the site privately, and that they hope to do so in the near future though quite how this can be achieved in the current situation, and with a large derelict site next door, is far from clear.

It therefore appears we may be back to square one with these properties.
We will lobby the owners and various authorities/local representatives in an effort to improve the state of the sites.
We will keep you in touch with any further developments

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Folks - a new quick update facility has been added courtesy of Blogger
This will hopefully mean than more than one person can update the news page and it will be kept more up to date.