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Friday, October 10, 2003
  News article about 3G phone masts and their potential health hazards
BBC NEWS | Health | 3G masts 'cause health problems' 
Thursday, October 09, 2003
Cavehill Nursing Home Site - Newsletter 1

This the corner of Antrim Road/Old Cavehill Road. has been a major
eyesore for our area for a long time, and a source of distress to its
immediate neighbours....It has probably been a contributing factor to the
slow sale of houses in the area...

We all noted with relief the clearing of the site a few weeks ago. We had
understood that construction was shortly to commence on five town houses
and two detached houses. We now believe this is not the case.

It has apparently been sold to Wesley Housing Association.(WHS) They plan
to develop 25 self-contained flats for people...mainly from North
Belfast...who are in the early stages of dementia. This scheme is
apparently an innovative approach to the management of Alzheimer's

Further news...The area to be developed also includes the large property
next door, another derelict building causing concern to local residents.
This land has apparently been sold to WHS by a company called Flat
Rentals, an Isle of Man based company owned by a Mr Mc Dowell...

Belfast Improved Housing (BIH) will manage the total development of the
project...and will then hand over the completed site to Wesley Housing

We believe the planning applications etc will be submitted in the next
week or so, and WHS and BIH plan to write to local residents shortly.

Some initial observations;

1) Two derelict sites in our area could soon be developed as a single site
with new build.

2) We are told at this stage that there will be a high quality of design,
production, landscaping and finish of the site, as well as of management
of the facility itself.

3) Few of us would wish for a managed, multi-flat, socio-medical
development on this site...The cause (dementia treatment) is at least a
worthy one, and could have been even more controversial.

4 ) The proposal needs to be explored in some detail.and residents' views

5) The private sector are not producing any buildings of quality in North
Belfast at the moment...or having much success in selling the
consequences could potentially be much worse....

6) As public money is involved, the developers should be obliged to
consider the views of residents/local lobby groups.

Cavehill Residents Action Group (CRAG) has been an issue-driven group
since its inception a few years ago...with some success in opposition to
Hot Food stores, Bookmakers, Mobile Phone Masts etc...We have also lobbied
regarding the sites at Gardenmore and this site. The composition of the
committee tends to change with the issues.

This is an issue in which residents may feel that CRAG ought to take an
interest...from as early a stage as act as a lobby group to
attempt to ensure the best outcome for the area and well as
keep residents informed of all aspects of the development.

I understand that the proposed developers would welcome input from local

If you are interested in being part of a CRAG working party/committee to
explore this issue, or attending a meeting with WHS/BIH, please leave your
contact details at;


  News and updates will be posted here as soon as they happen. 
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