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Fortwilliam Action Committee


Dear Resident

Please act now to stop two mobile phone masts on the Antrim Road – you have until
 5th October to voice your objection.

Example letters attached contain all the relevant information, please use this to write your own letter or at least sign and post the printed letter to the Planning Office (remember to add the date, your own address and signature).  If you can make copies of your letter, you may send these in one envelope signed by each member of the household. E-mails may be addressed to

BT Cellnet has proposed a mast (10 metre Monopole Antenna) next to the Gatelodge (ie beside Dentist McCambridge /opposite 669 Antrim Road.  BT Cellnet has also proposed a base station and mast at the Lansdowne Hotel.

The health effects of this new technology, using microwave low frequency pulsating radiation, is not yet fully understood and may take another 15/20 years to emerge.
The World Health Organization says not enough research has been done, some projects do suggest exposure to electromagnetic fields may produce a broad range of health effects such as cancer, changes in behaviour, memory-loss, headaches, sleep disturbance, immune system degradation, blood/brain barrier permeability, brain electrochemical effects, Parkinsons and Alzheimers Diseases. There are “significant gaps in scientific knowledge” (Department of Health leaflet, Mobile Phones & Health) and there are “sufficient concerns raised to show an urgent need for accelerated research to provide scientific clarification of these issues” (World Health Organization).
There is however acknowledged risk for vulnerable groups; babies and children whose cells are still dividing; the sick and elderly whose immune systems are depressed, those suffering from epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

The Fortwilliam Action Committee urges each local resident to register concern now with the Planning Office – the next site might be outside your home.

Please do write that letter – this year BT Cellnet has tried three times to erect a mast on the Somerton Road – so your letter does count!  

You can also voice your concerns by writing directly to BT Cellnet at Acquisitions Development Group, BT Cellnet, Stafford Taylor Building, 1 Leeds City Office Park, Meadow Lane, Leeds LS11 5BD.  Letters to Mr Sam Wong, Welcome Hotels Ltd; c/o Dukes Hotel, 65-67 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL and of course local newspapers.

Thank you for your support.

If you would like more information please contact Ken Davis at the Fortwilliam Action Committee 90229527 or e-mail